About Us

Welcome to Lirose, a premium women's wear brand based in the heart of Jaipur. We specialize in diverse styles, including ethnic, traditional, fast-fashion, contemporary, and eco-friendly wear. Our collections feature exquisite Sanganeri Block Print, Bagru, and Dabu Print techniques on cotton, georgette, chiffon, and muslin fabrics.
At Lirose, we blend India's rich and ancient textile traditions with contemporary fashion sensibilities. Our creations strike a perfect balance between timeless heritage and modern flair. We're continually innovating to offer outfits that allow women to express their style while staying connected to their roots.

Beyond our national boundaries, we also strive to take our tradition and heritage to the international stage, making Lirose synonymous with style and cultural richness globally. Choose Lirose to experience fashion that lets you shine without compromising your connection to heritage. Here, we celebrate the intricate beauty of traditional crafts while setting the pace for what's trending. Be radiant, be stylish, be rooted—be all of this and more with Lirose.