About Us

Lirose is a contemporary and ethnic womenswear brand that makes beautiful ensembles for the women of today. Based in Jaipur, we operate worldwide. Our products embody a sense of pride & honor for the rich & ancient textile and craft traditions of the Indian subcontinent while keeping a foot in the modern world but still strong at our core. It is our constant endeavor to come up with trendy and fashionable ensembles having a modern edge. The Lirose woman is someone who wants her roots and heritage without compromising on the style quotient. We respect and adore the female form in all its shapes, sizes, and complexions.

Jaipur being our operating base, we work a lot with Sanganeri block prints, Bagru, and Dabu prints on a wide array of fabrics such as cotton, georgette, chiffon, muslin, etc.

We take immense pride in the fact that our production process is as ethical and sustainable as it can be. We believe in fair trade practices that ensure a fair, seamless, and transparent integration of artisans and the staff into our world. We are a firm proponent of the sustainable and green earth movement and hence are striving towards reducing our carbon footprint and our minuscule impact on the jargon that is climate change. We open you to tag along with us on this journey and let’s make this world a more accountable, fashionable, and stylish place than we found it, with one design at a time.